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45+ Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers for Any Occasion

Our helpful guide covers the best gifts for coffee lovers to set you up for year-round gift-giving.

The 45+ awesome gifts included on our list are perfect for every female coffee drinker in your life.

From the coffee pro barista to the new graduate nurses on the go, these coffee gifts are must-haves to make her happy.

Perfect for a casual birthday present or a formal Christmas gift, you can’t go wrong with anything coffee-related.

Whether you gift drinkware or a funny t-shirt, she’ll be saying thank you.

So use our gift guide to get on her (caffeinated) good side.

Best Gifts Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Finding the best gift for a coffee lover can be difficult. In need to get your coffee-loving friend something unique yet practical? Check out our coffee gift ideas here.

Coffee & Friend Mug

Need a gift for your bestie for her birthday or another important event? Check out this great personalized best friends mug. You can make it unique with a favorite picture of the two of you. Its generous 11 oz capacity makes it tops on our list of best friend gifts this year.

Pour Some Sugar On Me Canvas

This wall art makes an ideal housewarming present for couples who are coffee lovers and have just moved into their new homes. It is perfect to be hung on kitchen bars, coffee stations, or the kitchen wall.

Vietnamese Coffee Phin Filter Kit

Vietnamese iced coffee, also called Ca Phe Sua Da, is a delicious traditional coffee. This starter kit has a bag of ground dark roast coffee and a Phin, which is a drip filter. Per Nguyen Coffee, use the savings from the kit to pick up some sweetened condensed milk. You can’t have real Ca Phe Sua Da without it. This special gift set is a great Christmas gift for mom.

Death Wish Coffee

Coffee addicts will love this blend of whole beans that claims the title of the world’s strongest coffee. Packed with caffeine, it will provide your best lady with extra energy. Whether she has to tackle early mornings or late nights, this coffee has her covered. We love this if you need unique barista gifts. However, these beans would also be great gift ideas for coffee drinkers in general.

Over Glass Coffee Maker

If there’s a coffee drinker who hates bitterness in your life, this is the gift for her. This beautiful carafe and brewing pot is specifically designed to provide the best coffee flavor without the bitterness. Pour-over coffee is a delicious treat, and this elegant glass brewer is among our favorite barista gifts. It is also one of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

Temperature Control Travel Mug

This fabulous mug is one of the top tech gifts for women this year. It is great for the woman who nurses her morning coffee into the afternoon. You can extend the three-hour battery life by using the electric coaster. Additional smart controls include a sleep/wake function, and she can pair the mug with her phone for customized temperature control.

Coffee Gift Subscriptions

Expand her horizons with this global gift box. If you have a new coffee drinker in your life, this is the perfect gift. You can choose three-month, six-month, or full-year subscriptions for coffee beans from all over the world. A postcard from the country of origin is full of information. This would also be a wonderful novelty gift for a coffee adventurer or world traveler.

New Mom Coffee Mug

This adorable mug is one of the nicest gifts for a new mom. Everyone knows she’s sleep-deprived, and her morning brew will taste better in this sweetly decorated mug. When she goes back to work, she’ll fit right in with the coffee addicts at the office. She’ll think about her little one every time she takes a sip.

French Press Coffee Maker

This minimalist French press coffee maker is a must-have among all coffee gifts. The preparation of French press coffee is deceptively simple, and the elegance of this design matches that. Clean lines and two different colors mean that it will be at home in any kitchen. This is one of the best gifts for coffee drinkers who like their coffee smooth and simple to make.

Portable Espresso Machine

She can take her coffee making on the go with this portable espresso machine. It is hand-operated, making it perfect for hiking and camping, or a chilly night at a ball game. This is an awesome gift for the girl who likes to be out in nature and needs her caffeine. The lid even doubles as a cup! It is among the best birthday gifts for her.

Express Espresso Machine

Is she enough of a coffee snob to need her very own barista at home? This espresso machine is the next best thing. Whether she’s an espresso lover, a mocha drinker, or steaming milk for the kids, this device does it all. She’ll be making drinks like a pro in no time, which will save daily trips to the coffee shop.

Coffee Grinder

Most coffee addicts rely on grinding their own beans. After all, it’s the only way to flawless flavor. But finding a quality grinder for a reasonable price can be a challenge. Well, look no further. This grinder gives excellent uniform grinding, and at under $100, it’s perfect for a wedding, bachelorette shower, or housewarming gift.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Multi-functional gifts for people who love coffee can be hard to find. But this sleek and compact cold brew maker is a cool compromise for tea and coffee drinkers. This great coffee housewarming gift is a perfect fit in refrigerator doors, so it’s out of the way. The lid keeps coffee fresh. This means your busy lady won’t have to take time to make a new pot every other day.

Moka Pot

This great stovetop moka pot is a must for your favorite coffee enthusiast. Our favorite Christmas coffee lovers gift, this pot is made in Italy for that authentic espresso feel. It’s easy to use and requires only rinsing to clean. Don’t use soap, and don’t worry about the “film” that appears; it’s like seasoning on cast iron!

Personalized Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Check out these personalized items that will inspire any coffee lover. You’ll surely find something to help her enjoy her cup of coffee a little more.

“Drinking Coffee Together Since” Mug

This personalized mug makes a unique gift. Customizable with both your names and the year of your wedding, this is one of the best Valentine’s gifts for her. Or it makes great matching wedding gifts for your favorite couple. Everyone will love these mugs and will remember their special day whenever they drink coffee.

I Like My Coffee Hot Plaque

There are times when a little humor goes a long way! This romantic yet funny plaque is sure to get a laugh for your wife. Customize it with your name and a charming photo and you’ll get something to bring light-hearted love to her.

Coffee Scoop

What a clever, creative idea! A combined coffee scoop and bag clip, you can even personalize it with a name or quotation! This scoop is among the best retirement gifts for a teacher. Every time she makes coffee, she’ll think of the class and parents that gifted her such a beautiful memento.

Pictures Coffee Tumbler

This insulated tumbler can hold hot or cold drinks, making it one of the best gifts for any coffee drinker. It holds a generous 20 ounces and can be used at home or out and about. Simply choose a photo and turn it into the best coffee tumbler she’s ever had.

Wooden Jigsaw Coasters

Need something creative for the coffee drinker you know? Then, these wooden laser engraved coasters are the answers. It’s perfect for Christmas, birthdays or any occasion. Whenever she drinks her coffee, these coasters will surely put a smile on her face.

Reusable Coffee Wrap

Look for unique gifts for coffee drinkers? Check out this custom coffee sleeve to slide around her coffee cups! It can be used for cold and hot drinks.

Perfect for daily use! A personalized yet practical gift that spoils any coffee lover around you.

Coffee Accessories Gifts

Whether you’re looking for the best gift for a new coffee drinker or a coffee snob, our coffee accessories gifts will surely help. Check them out.

Coffee Dripper

Hotel coffee is notoriously bad. Save her from the perils of single-pot coffee with this unique pour-over dripper system. Great for airports and hotels, she can pack this travel-friendly strainer in a backpack for a quality cup wherever she goes. The mesh filter lets coffee addicts take their caffeine on the road, and a wire mesh strainer means it’s eco-friendly.

Coffee Scale with Timer

A coffee scale will round out any coffee addict’s kitchen collection. This culinary must-have is an essential item among coffee stuff for the kitchen. Even if she doesn’t grind her own beans, it has a timer for fixing French press or pour-over coffee. Perfecting her unique brew will be easy with this handy scale and timer.

Coffee Storage Container

This glass container is beyond cool. The lid acts as a pressure mechanism, ensuring that every last coffee bean stays fresh. This is an awesome gift for new coffee drinkers or that friend who loves their coffee beans. Everyone needs stay-fresh storage for their coffee, making this among the best coffee stuff for the kitchen.

Electric Kettle 

This kettle pairs perfectly with a nice French press pot or any pour-over filter. A gift for any caféphile, this kettle is unrivaled for its convenience. Minimalist design and a small electric base make this kettle almost invisible when on a table or countertop. You could also pair it with some sleek drinkware for a wonderful birthday gift for coffee drinkers.

Coffee Spoon

This cute engraved vintage-style spoon is a great stocking stuffer for women. It’s a perfect way to remind her how much you love her, but other options also abound. Gift it with a bag of her favorite beans or a new mug. She’ll fall hard for this sweet little gift, and she’ll love you a latte, too.

Milk Frother

Milk frothers are sometimes considered luxury items best suited to a coffee shop. But this moderately-priced, easy-to-use countertop frother is a special gift for your favorite coffee enthusiast. It will heat milk for that perfect latte, or foam hot or cold milk to top fancy drinks. Because of its versatility, this milk frother is one of the most fun coffee gadgets to make our list.

Manual Coffee Grinder

Here’s a fantastic hand-held option for the adventurer in your life. This compact coffee grinder will be easy to travel with and simple to use. The burr grinder blades give her the perfect grind every time. This one is among the best barista gifts for the woman who wants to play it simple when she’s off the clock.

Coffee Themed Gifts for Coffee Drinkers

Don’t know what to buy your coffee-obsessed friend who appears to have everything? Don’t be worried! We’ve got a lot of ideas on where to seek for a great coffee-related gift.

Stressed Blessed And Coffee Obsessed

In need of a great gift for your coffee lover friend? This mug checks all the right boxes. Her cherished memories and her favorite beverage, all in one place. Decorate this mug with 6 custom photos to make a fun collage to enjoy with her morning coffee every day.

Coffee Cup & Bag Slippers

These popular clog-style slippers are a cool Christmas gift. These are simply designed with felt appliques and embroidery to proclaim that she is a coffee lover. Wool and felt combine to make toes toasty and walking easy. The novelty will never wear off if you gift her these, one of our favorite cool coffee gifts.

Coffee Art Print

This coffee definition wall art is one of the best coffee quote posters, designed especially for coffee enthusiasts. Home decor has never been easier or more economical than printable wall art like this.

“Drink Good Coffee, Read good Book” Pillow

A comfy pillow is just what your favorite bookworm and coffee drinker needs. This pillow lets everyone know what is important to her. When she displays it at home, it will be a conversation starter. Hand-made with a burlap and linen cover for easy cleaning, this adorable pillow is guaranteed to please.

Coffee Body Scrub

This heavenly scrub is one of the best coffee-themed gifts on our list. Premium coffee grounds are combined with moisturizing coconut oil and exfoliating sea salt to make every shower a mini holiday! It’s a perfect gift for the coffee enthusiast who needs an extra boost to get moving in the morning.

Coffee Syrup

This awesome flavored syrup is the perfect gift for a true caféphile. A long-time East Coast treat, the coffee syrup is used primarily to make coffee milk and milkshakes. It’s caffeine-free but full of flavor, which means that kids can have it, too. One of our unique gifts for coffee lovers, the coffee syrup is also the official state drink of Rhode Island!

First Comes Coffee Then Comes Marriage Mug

This awesome personalized mug is one of the best gifts for a wife on our list. Ideal for a wedding anniversary, or even a birthday, or just-because gift, this is one of the best coffee cup gift ideas. Customize it with a favorite photo and know that she’ll be thinking of you over her morning coffee every day.

The World Atlas of Coffee

A perfect gift for your favorite book lover, this atlas contains vibrant pictures and tons of information. This is also a neat birthday gift for new coffee drinkers. Anyone who wants to learn more about where their coffee comes from will love this book. It’s divided by country, so it’s easy to digest in little bits.

Funny Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Looking for something creative and fun for a coffee lover you know? Then check out these funny coffee gifts that will get her a good laugh.

“I Don’t Give a Sip” Funny Coffee Mug

After years of teaching, it is finally time for your teacher to retire and enjoy the little pleasures of life. With this funny mug, she can drink coffee while having her beautiful moments in life.

“Coffee Keeps Grumpy Away” Vintage Poster

This vintage-style poster is one of the best funny gifts for coffee lovers that we’ve ever seen! Light up her birthday or Christmas with this grinning cat. It proclaims what everyone already knows, that coffee helps grumpiness, but it does it with great charm. This is one of our favorite gifts for cat lovers.

Powered By Caffeine Socks

These “Powered By Caffeine” socks will look fantastic with any pair of coffee-loving shoes! They have a padded bottom, which makes them even comfier. The foot is black, with artwork printed around the leg in vibrant, fade-resistant colors.

You Call It Coffee I Call It Nurse Fuel

This creative t-shirt is one of our favorite gifts for nurses. A clever saying and bright graphics make this great for wearing under scrubs while on duty. Better yet, she can pair it with lounge pants on her day off. It’s one of the great novelty coffee gifts for recent nursing school graduates.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers Under $20

Finding cheap coffee gifts isn’t too difficult.

There are lots of small things you can buy for your favorite coffee drinker.

These are great as stocking stuffers, birthday tokens, or as part of a holiday gift exchange.

This part of our list will make gift giving so easy that it won’t take any time at all.

“Coffee, Yoga, Wine” Notebook

A spiral notebook can serve many purposes. She can journal, jot lists, or explore her creative side. This personalized notebook is a must-have for coffee and wine fans who also love yoga. Let her expand her horizons with this wonderful notebook. It is one of the best yoga gifts of the year.

Coffee Scented Candle

This candle is one of the most thoughtful coffee-inspired gifts on our list. This luscious candle gives her all the delicious wake-me-up scents of freshly brewed coffee without having to drink it. It would make a perfect birthday gift. Alternatively, it’s a great option for an office gift exchange because everyone loves the smell of coffee.

Starbuck Gift Card

Gift cards get a bad rap, but these easy gifts from Starbucks are a wonderful way to say thank you. They are available in any amount, which makes them perfect for a price limited gift exchange. Perhaps the best way to give a gift card is for a teacher or childcare provider. These coffee-obsessed women work long hours and rely on caffeine to keep going.

Coffee Ornament

This great gift is perfect for people who love coffee. These fabulous Christmas ornaments come in the shape of a Starbuck cup! This budget-friendly ornament is one of the easiest gifts for coffee lovers on our list this year.

Mug Warmer 

This inexpensive mug warmer is amazing! It is great for new coffee drinkers, college students, or anyone who takes their time with their coffee. Simply plug it in, and it will keep a ceramic mug warm for hours. An indicator light lets you know when it is ready. It would make a wonderful stocking stuffer or gift exchange present.

Collapsible Cup

This cool collapsible cup is just the thing for a coffee-loving girl who likes to be out and about. This cup is small enough to tuck away for an emergency or to take camping and hiking. A nice portable cup is a must-have for any coffee enthusiast who needs adventure and her caffeine, too.

Caffeine Bracelet

This unique bracelet is perfect for your favorite science geek! Personalize it with her initials and birthstone, and let this molecule speak for itself. This cheap but well-made bracelet would be a great gift for coffee addicts who also love chemistry. It would also be an interesting add-on or a stocking stuffer.

Coffee Bean-Shaped Ice Tray

This affordable silicone ice tray makes the perfect ice cubes for iced coffee! This great novelty gift pops out tiny coffee bean-shaped ice, making it an amazing gift for every caféphile. Rank these ice trays at the top of your list of fun coffee-themed gifts and watch the recipient smile.


Gifts for coffee lovers never go out of style.

This makes it easy to find the perfect coffee gifts for every woman and every celebration.

Some are creative, others funny, and some are even the height of luxury.

But whatever you decide to give, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices on our list.

Megan Barber
Megan Barber
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