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27 Big Sister Gifts for New Older Sisters

Are you struggling to find the perfect big sister gifts in preparation for a new sibling? Older sisters deserve extra love when the baby is born.

To help you out, we’ve created a guide to the best big sister gift ideas for a to-be big sister. From cute to sentimental, we’ve got something to make every big sis feel special while embracing her new role.

Me and My Sister Plaque

A special gift for the little girls who are about to take on a new role! Celebrate her becoming a big sister and the bonds she formed with the new member in the family. This plaque also has a wonderful version for brothers!

Big Sister Shirt

Give your little princess something special when the new baby arrives. Celebrate her being promoted to big sister with an adorable big sister tee. Buy a matching little sibling onesie and your kids will be perfectly photo-ready, at least until the baby gets fussy!

First Christmas As a Big Sister Ornament

If you want gift ideas for big sister from the new baby, check out a personalized holiday ornament. Every first-time sister needs her own decoration for the Christmas tree. After all, you mark the baby’s first holiday. So recognize big sis with a complimentary ornament.

I Hereby Crown You Big Sister Gift Set

Help your toddler learn about the new baby with this cute gift set. She will love wearing the crown and snuggling with the plush doll. The included book will answer a lot of her questions. This versatile present is one of our favorite gifts for new big sister!

Sisters Make The Best Friends Plaque

Most new sibling gifts are meant for kids. Here’s one for the adults! Whether she’s welcoming a baby half-sister or celebrating surviving childhood, a personalized photo collage will bring the memories. Make this special by using pictures from all stages of growing up.

I’m a Big Sister Book

Welcoming a new baby is an adventure for everyone. For your toddler or pre-schooler, becoming a big sister is a life-changing event. This creative illustrated picture book gives your tot the inside scoop on life with a baby.

Teddy Bear

Every little girl loves a teddy bear. This cute, soft plushie comes with a t-shirt that tells the world she’s a big sister! Make this extra special and gift it from her new sibling. After all, teddy bears are awesome baby girl gift ideas.

Kids Beaded Bracelet

For a cheap new big sister present, check out these super sweet beaded bracelets. They are designed to mimic baby name bracelets, so big sister can match the new baby. What a special keepsake when both kids are older!

Photo Album

A plush photo album is a thoughtful present for a first-time sister. While taking pictures when the new baby is born, get some extras with the big sis. Then, she can put them in her own album. It even has a handle for easy carrying!

Sippy Cup

Every kid loves their sippy cup, and this will fast become a favorite of parents, too! This has all the features of a great kids’ cup. It is sturdy with big handles, and it keeps drinks cold. A fun, unique big sister-to-be gift idea for a girl on the go!

Personalized Name Bottle Cap Necklace

These unique necklaces are sweet matching sister presents. Big sissy gets hers when the new baby comes, complete with a big sister charm. The personalized gift for your baby girl will have to wait till she’s older and won’t try to eat it!

Custom Super Incredible Big Sister Book

A personalized picture book just for a big sister is a really special gift from her little sister! She’ll love reading about her new place in the family. There’s even a medal she can wear that tells the world there’s a new baby at home.

Diaper Bag Gift Set

A just-for-her diaper bag lets her explore her nurturing side! She can take care of her baby doll just like Mommy cares for the new baby! This great gift idea for a new big sister will let her be creative in her play!

Big Sibling Superhero Cape Set

Never fear, Super Big Sister is here! Her superpowers will activate when she plays with this special superhero gift set. Everything a new big sister needs to slay dragons and rescue babies is in one box. This gift idea will be a hit with parents and kiddos alike.

Kids Digital Camera

What a great sibling gift from a new baby! With her own digital camera and camcorder, she can take cute pictures and videos of the new baby. Say congratulations by giving your older kiddo such a fun gift.

Matching Set

Here’s a gift for both your little sister-saurs! They’ll be matchy and oh-so-cute on their first outing together in these great big sister little sister gifts. These shirts will be a definite keepsake item when your girls grow up!

Big Sister Gift Tin

Give a soon-to-be big sister something truly special just for her. Ease the shock of a new baby with a tin full of tasty treats she doesn’t have to share. These delicious cookies come in an awesome tin that tells the world she’s a big sis!

Kids Scrubs

These versatile scrubs are just the thing to celebrate becoming a big sister. She can wear them to the hospital to meet the new baby in style. Then, they can serve as play clothes as she grows. Get matching ones for the baby, too!

Big Sister Bows

How adorable are these matching hair bows? Both girls will look amazing on their next special occasion. If you need an inexpensive gift for a new big sister, these fit the bill. Just make sure to get them in more than one color because they will be a hit!

Baby Doll Stroller

It’s a jogging stroller just like Mama’s! Instead of walking the new baby, your little one can walk her favorite doll or stuffie. This best big sister gift for toddlers is amazing for her birthday or as a special surprise at the baby shower.

Personalized Crayons

A big sister-to-be needs activities for when mom and dad are tending to the baby. Finding the right thing for a 2-year-old can be tricky. Make these crayons the centerpiece of a gift basket full of activities to explore on her own.

Big Sister Activity Book

This special busy book is a great big sister present for when the new baby comes. The activity pages are plentiful and can be customized for big sissy’s age and interests. Let her play independently while you tend to your new bundle of joy!

Stuffed Elephant

Let the soon-to-be big sister know the good news with this super cute toy! This sweet stuffie is a great ice breaker when it comes to the new baby. Personalize it completely, including using her favorites, and you’ll win her over to Team Baby before you know it!

Personalized Big Kid Tote Bag

Every girl needs a nice tote bag to hold her treasures. This custom present for a new big sister takes the cake! You can personalize the bag to match your kiddo’s hair, skin, and eyes, as well as color preferences. She’ll love taking this bag to school!

New Big Siblings Workbooks

Surprise the big-sis-to-be at the baby shower with a new sibling gift all her own! This special activity book is full of fun puzzles and mazes to get her ready for the new baby. She’ll love learning and having fun at the same time.

Big Sibling Accessory Set

Welcome the new baby in style! This cute accessory set is perfect for little ones and bigger kids alike. A sash, button, and flower crown will make her stand out at the shower. Or she can wear them at the hospital when the new baby is born!

Big Sister On Duty Aprons

Do you need gifts from a new baby to a big sister? Check out these durable aprons! Spacious pockets can hold supplies she needs to help care for her baby sibling! The new big sister can also use this as a smock for messy cooking or art projects.

big sister gift ideas
Gift ideas for big sister when baby is born. Photo: Getty Images

Big sister gifts are as varied as the big sisters they are for. Whether they are personalized or not, our gift guide has plenty of special presents for when the new baby arrives!

Megan Barber
Megan Barber
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