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Best Gifts for Wine Lovers in Your Life

Are you looking for gifts for wine lovers who have everything? Want to surprise them with something special this year? Finding the perfect gift for an oenophile is not an easy task because they have probably drunk plenty of wine already. 

However, I’ve got a few gift ideas for wine lovers that are sure to make their eyes light up. Your friend may enjoy their drinks, but are they really getting the full experience? I’ve curated some of the best gifts for wine lovers, which will leave your favorite wine enthusiast feeling spoiled all year long. 

12 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers in Your Life

What could be the best gifts for wine lovers that will make them happy? Well, think of giving something that will elevate their everyday bottle into something truly special.

So, it could be a set of proper stemware, a book on the legendary wine regions, a wine cooler to keep their collection at the right temp for whenever the mood strikes, or a basket of treats to pair with their next red. 

Check our list of the wine themed gifts that you can give someone on holidays or other special occasions. 

1. Moscato Making Home Kit

A Moscato making kit could make for one of the fun Christmas gifts for wine lovers. In fact, anyone can use the kit’s high-quality ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions to make tasty Moscato right at home. 

Sure, it may not taste exactly like a store-bought bottle, but what you lose in refinement, you gain in the satisfaction of crafting something delicious. 

The kit provides everything needed—yeast, juice, additives—to produce five bottles of crisp, sweet Moscato. Give the wine lover in your life the chance to become an amateur vintner with this one-of-a-kind DIY kit.

Craft A Brew - Moscato Making Home Kit

2. A Vacuum Sealer Cordless Wine Opener

No more struggling with stubborn corks! A wine opener will solve that problem. A vacuum sealer cordless model from Cuisinart could be one of the best wine accessories gifts

The rechargeable opener can uncork up to 80 bottles on a single charge. The included vacuum sealer is a great bonus, allowing unfinished bottles to be resealed, preserving the wine’s flavor and freshness. 

For under $50, this opener makes a thoughtful gift that any wine lover is sure to appreciate. 

Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer Cordless Wine Opener

3. Wine Bottle Chiller

Nothing ruins a good glass of wine like drinking it warm. There’s just something unappealing about lukewarm wine that makes the flavors fall flat. But keeping an open bottle chilled for an entire evening can be a challenge, unless you have a wine fridge. 

For most of us without an expensive fridge, the Vinglacé wine bottle chiller is a perfect solution. This nifty little insulated sleeve is portable, lightweight, and keeps bottles chilled for hours. 

Slip a bottle fresh from the fridge into the stainless steel, double-walled, vacuum-sealed interior and your wine or champagne will stay crisp and refreshing all day. No more wasting half-empty bottles that got too warm. 

This bottle chiller is one of the best gifts for wine lovers. It allows them to taste the lovely notes in their glass, not a flat, tepid liquid.

Vinglacé Wine Bottle Chiller- Portable Champagne Insulator

4. Corkcicle Air

No wine connoisseur entertains the idea of adding ice cubes to chill wine. The melting water dilutes the drink and ruins the intended flavor profile. 

But serving wine at the proper temperature is key to fully enjoying its subtle notes. That’s why a corkcicle air is one of the most brilliant gifts for people who like wine. It allows you to chill drinks quickly without dilution. Simply insert the rod into the bottle and in just a few minutes your wine is perfectly chilled. 

The corkcicle air also aerates as it chills, opening up the wine’s aroma and flavor. When ready to serve, just leave the corkcicle in place and tip the bottle to pour the wine right through it.

Corkcicle Air 4-in-1 Iceless Wine Chiller with Aerator, Pourer and Stopper

5. Pivot Wine Preservation System

With its sleek and modern design, a wine preservation system makes one of the most practical gifts for wine drinkers. Coravin has a 5-piece pivot-system kit that lets you enjoy wine by the glass without being worried about how to preserve the rest. 

Replace the cork with the included stopper, and it’ll keep the bottle fresh for up to 4 weeks. Insert the pivot device when you want to pour. 

You don’t have to waste half-finished bottles that oxidize before you can reopen them. The pivot makes it easy to sample different wines over days or weeks without ruining the remaining bottles.

If you’re shopping for a wine buff, this cool preservation system lets them fully enjoy their collection by keeping every bottle’s integrity and flavor. No doubt it can be one of the best gifts for wine lovers

Coravin Pivot Wine Preservation System

6. Wine Sealer

Impress your wine-obsessed friend with sealers that will truly preserve their precious vintages. OXO’s expanding wine stoppers are made with a silicone seal that expands inside the bottle to keep air out. Pop it in the top and the stopper automatically contracts when pulled up for your next pour. These are so much better than rubber stoppers that slip or leak even when storing bottles sideways. 

For someone who loves wine, this sealer enables them to enjoy bottles over time without wasting a drop. The airtight seal maintains the wine’s integrity and flavor. It’s undoubtedly one of the best wine lover gifts

OXO SteeL Expanding Wine Stoppers

7. A Wine Decanter

Looking for one of the best gifts for wine lovers? Consider giving them a wine decanter. I recently came across a stylish decanter that would make a fantastic gift. Priced at slightly over $30, this decanter has a generous 40-oz capacity and a clever slanted spout design allows pouring without spills.

The large size means you can decant a standard 750-ml bottle with room to allow the wine to breathe. And we all know that a little air does wine a lot of good, allowing the flavors and aromas to open up fully. 

The wide base also provides maximum surface area contact for oxygenation. Plus, it looks cool on the table with its graceful shape and clear glass. 

JoyJolt Lancia Wine Decanter Crystal Wine Aerator Handmade

8. Wine Aerator Funnel with Sediment Strainer

It could be tricky to find a gift for someone who has a cellar full of aged wines. Consider giving them a wine aerator funnel that will help improve the flavor of their older vintages. 

Rabbit’s stainless steel funnel has an aerator nozzle that instantly introduces oxygen as you pour, allowing the wine to open up and express its full bouquet. No need to decant an hour ahead of time.

The best part is the accompanying sediment strainer that fits neatly inside the funnel. Older wines often throw sediment, but the strainer catches the tiny bits, keeping the drinks clean. And you can remove the strainer easily for rinsing. 

Your collector friend can now enjoy wine sediment-free and aerated to perfection. 

Rabbit Wine Aerator Shower Funnel with Sediment Strainer

9. A Set of Wine Glasses

A set of wine glasses could be a perfect gift for a wine lover. For a change of style, you can give them these beaker-style glasses that can handle both reds and whites. 

Playful lab-style wine glasses are a cheeky way to encourage moderate pouring, and the unique shape ensures they’ll stand out in any wine lover’s cabinet. A set of four glasses checks the gift box of combining style, function, and a touch of humor.

Periodic Tableware Beaker Wine Glass

10. A Wine Collection

Who says advent calendars are just for December? Gift your wine-loving friend a unique twist with a wine advent calendar filled with expertly curated varietals. 

Vinebox’s 12 Nights of Wine takes taste buds on a tour of Europe’s top wine regions. Each bottle holds 3-oz pour, which could be a silky Pinot Noir from France or an elegant Rioja from Spain. It’s an exciting way to discover new favorites. 

Any true wine connoisseur will love these cool wine gifts

11. Black Truffle Potato Chips

If your friend likes to munch on something when drinking wine, they’ll love a bag of Torres black truffle potato chips.  

These chips from Spain make an indulgent and delicious pairing with any bottle. They are fried to a crisp in high quality Spanish olive oil and packed with the earthy, umami flavor of black truffles. 

The light crunch and bold truffle taste complement the flavors in the wine beautifully. This is one of the best gifts for wine lovers

12. A Book on Wine

If I pick a book for a wine lover, it’ll be the Adventures on the Wine Route by Kermit Lynch. This captivating memoir chronicles Lynch’s travels through French wine country, from Bordeaux to Burgundy and beyond. 

Your friend will love tagging along as Lynch visits legendary domaines, samples incredible vintages, and gains wisdom from generations of winemakers. It’s a fascinating read, providing delicious insights into French wine history and culture.

Adventures on the Wine Route
Megan Barber
Megan Barber
Megan Barber is the founder of The Gift World. Her writing has also been published in Curbed, Travel + Leisure, Ski Magazine. She is now living with her husband and two kids in Denver, CO. She loves giving gifts to the people in her life. Her gift guides will definitely make your present buying experience as easy and as pleasurable as possible with plenty of great gift ideas for all occasions. When not writing, you can find her enjoying biking the Mile High City or camping across the country in a 4x4 Sportsmobile Sprinter.


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