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Camping Gift Ideas: 50+ Useful and Practical Gifts for Campers

Nothing is more in demand these days than camping gear. Nature lovers are taking the occasion to get out and live in the wild! Make sure you check these ideas out before heading out on your trip into the woods for your mountain adventure.

Shower a special someone with these camping gifts this Christmas, for their birthday, housewarming, or retirement. Dazzle is an outdoorsy man with useful gadgets for Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Without further ado, here are the best camping gifts!


Unique Gift Ideas for Campers

1. Radiate Portable Campfire

Make outdoor easier and more fun with a campfire gift you can pack up and reuse wherever you go. Not only is cleanup made effortless with this practical invention, but you’ll get a nice burning scent to boot. Campers will no longer have to hunt for dry wood- it’s perfect.

2. Custom Photo Collage Mug

Beautiful memories with each sip of delicious coffee – that’s what you’re offering. This mug makes an excellent anniversary gift for camping lovers to remember that first fire they built together. There’s no better way to relive that evening you spent under the starry night at Yosemite than this customized mug.

3. Reusable & Portable Eco-Friendly Grill

Nothing is better than enjoying the great outdoors and eating your catch. Toss your canned food out of your proverbial window and savor delicious grilled fresh fish. With this portable grill, you’ll be able to fire up for some instant flavor. If you are looking for gifts for a camping chef buddy, look no further.

4. Coleman Sundome Tent

This is a terrific gift idea for camping lovers and is a must-have for all wilderness fans. Fit your whole family in this waterproof cooling tent for a comfortable session outside. Say goodbye to cumbersome tents and say hello to the one you can set up in minutes. These tents make the best gifts for hikers who know how to live their lives to the fullest!

5. Survival Paracord Bracelet

Keep your friend safe and sound when they get lost in the wilderness. It’s the best gift ever. This bracelet holds essential tools for survival like a paracord, compass, whistle, firestarter, and knife! If your mate needs anything when he’s off having the time of his life, it’s definitely this tool right here.

6. Camper Mountain Novelty Socks

If you’re having difficulty coming up with gifts for campers who have everything, these socks might just do the trick. They perfectly express the need to escape from reality. Don’t we all know how that feels like? These warm, comfortable socks are possibly the ultimate Christmas gag gift or stocking stuffer idea. Humor that special someone today!

7. Personalized Campfire Enamel Mug

This personalized mug holds your favorite beverage while you relish the serene views of a peaceful lake. Escape the bustling everyday noise of the city with every sip. Bet you can’t wait till your next campfire! This is also a fine camping gift idea for couples who love spending time in the wild.

8. Lifestraw

We can’t live without water. That’s why it’s so important to carry around a device that will filter and clean water for drinking. With the LifeStraw, adventurers can safely consume stream, lake and river water without fear of getting sick. These magic straws are the best camping gifts for the outdoors!

9. Tactical Travel Backpack

Backpacks are nifty gifts for new campers. This pack keeps items safe while the hiker is off gallivanting with its convenient pockets. Nothing excites the novice more than a rucksack that’s high in quality and built to last. This backpack is water resistant, very suitable for outdoor activities.

10. Rechargeable Lighter

We are all tired of lighters that run out of gas right when you need them the most. Plus, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to light a fire with the wind blowing. This high-tech lighter makes a splendid campfire gift so you can appreciate your s’mores in the wild. It’s a gift for campers that will revolutionize the art of building a fire!

11. Military Folding Camping Shovel

This shovel is an all-in-one survival tool for the wilderness. It makes hunting and camping easy-peasy and is an awesome gift for outdoorsy people. Where else will you find a shovel that acts as a wine opener, screwdriver, and ax at the same time? Best of all, it’s crafted for heavy-duty operations and foldable for portability!

12. Portable Camping Chair

This chair is no ordinary seat. It includes a cooler for your beer for quick and easy access. Make use of the cup holder to keep your drink at reach while you’re fishing or enjoying your latest novel. Bring this foldable light chair on all your adventures for comfort and convenience. As far as gifts for the camper go, this sturdy chair makes it high on the list.

13. All-in-One Cast Iron Grill

Enjoy camp cooking at its best with this incredible cast iron grill. It functions as a wok, smoker, skillet, braiser, roaster, deep fryer, slow cooker, and stockpot! This is one of the best accessories for a motorhome. Imagine the pleasure of cooking any way you want, wherever you decide to spend the day!

14. 14 in 1 Multitool Hatchet

Lugging your many camping knick-knacks around can get really heavy and bulky. This is where the multitool hatchet comes in handy. It’s a must-have for tent campers and hunters when they’re exploring the world’s wonders. When a manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee on its products, you know you’re in for a treat.

15. Camp Dutch Oven

This kitchen essential is a must-have for your camp chef friend. It doesn’t matter if he’s in his kitchen or the forest – this dutch oven delivers delicious food every time. This camp stove sits impeccably over fires and is the optimum gift for campers. Cook with hot coals for the best results!

16. Foldable Camping Stove

Camping people will rejoice at the ease of cooking with this stove. It’s foldable, collapsible, and extremely robust. Cooking outdoors has never been easier whether you’re doing it with alcohol fuel or twigs and leaves. The best part about this stove is how light it is – it weighs only one pound!

17. Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

The makers of this kit have designed a torchlight complete with adventure essentials. No longer do you have to worry about forgetting matches or water purification tablets. Everything fits neatly in this military-grade flashlight. This is one unique gift for campers and hunters as well so they’re prepared for whatever comes their way.

18. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

This water bottle has been designed to last and is the ideal Christmas gift for campers. It keeps drinks at your preferred temperature and is a must-have on hiking trips. Its stainless steel construction promises a clean flavor to quench your thirst each time. The powder coating works to ensure your bottle looks vibrant and new, even with heavy use.

19. Compressible Travel Pillow

No one can deny how uncomfortable traveling can be. This pillow makes flights and road trips comfier than ever. It’s compressible for convenient packing and is a fantastic gift for car campers. Fun adventures await those who’ve had a peaceful night’s sleep. Where else are you going to get rest in spartan places but from this pillow right here?

20. Inflatable Lounger

Kick back and relax wherever you find yourself with this superb inflatable lounger. Simply inflate with a swoosh and bask on a hilltop or at the beach on a warm summer’s day. This happy camper gift brings joy to those that understand how necessary it is to chill and loosen up comfortably.

21. Waterproof Boots

These hiking boots are stylish, functional, and suitable for everyday use. They’re marvelous gifts for outdoorsy people. Timberland boots perform well in the harshest of terrains to keep your feet comfortable and dry. This pair of premium boots offers secure lacing and high-quality leather. They’re fit to wear anywhere from the street to the jungle.

22. Camping Sleeping Bag

Are you ready for some romantic winter camping under the stars? This sleeping bag assures comfort and warmth while you camp out in the cold weather. This all-season sleeping bag is one of the most useful Christmas gifts for hikers and campers. It comes complete with a durable compression sack to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “sleep tight.”

23. Easy Campfire Cooking

Everyone can relish good food over the fire alfresco with the quick and simple recipes portrayed in this cookbook. It’s a marvelous gift for camping enthusiasts and food lovers. Learn how to make chili, pizza, and even a pie in the wild. Camping food will never be the same again!

24. Cookware Set

One of the most thoughtful camping gifts for people who love to camp and cook. This cookware set is useful, tough, durable, and super easy to clean. Great for all those family camping trips!

25. Campfire Roasting Sticks

These extendable roasting sticks hold your marshmallows, sausages, and meats over a fire at a safe distance. They’re perfect gifts for campers and great for all ages. It’s time to break out that BBQ set and delight in that sweet smell of s’mores. Let’s get that fire started right away!

26. Percolator Coffee Pot

Perk up after your sleep under the stars with morning coffee fresh from your percolator. It features a spout and handles that ensure easy pouring. It’s lightweight and makes an appreciable camping gear gift for coffee lovers. Nothing beats a good cup of joe while you’re on a mountain with the world at your feet.

27. Reusable Storage Bags

Store your food in these airtight eco-friendly storage bags, so they stay fresh for you to savor. They keep your backpack safe from leaks and clean easily for future use. These see-through bags are great camping gifts because they conveniently hold food and travel items like toiletries.

28. Anker Portable Charger

Charge your devices with a power bank that packs a punch. This universal charger allows you to charge your phone and tablet simultaneously while you’re on the go. You’ll never have to worry about running out of juice on your trips. This fantastic camping gadget gift is ideal for someone who loves camping but can’t stay away from technology for long.

29. Insulated Picnic Basket

Kick your picnics and camping trips up a notch. This picnic basket keeps food insulated and ready for your hungry tummy. Its sturdy design ensures that this is one food carrier you’ll be using for many years to come. When not in use, simply fold flat to save storage space. If you’re making a list of camping gifts for nature lovers under $25, keep this portable cooler bag in mind!

30. Hammock with Bug Net

Say adios to mosquitoes and other annoying creepy crawlies so you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature. This heavy-duty hammock provides peaceful sleep and makes the best gift for summer campers. It holds up to 600 lbs and proudly boasts a lifetime guarantee. Simply find two trees, and you’ll have a bed in less than five minutes!

31. Inspect Repellent

Stay safe from infectious bugs that cause dengue, Zika, Lyme disease, and more. Simply spray this insect repellent on your tent, camping gear, and clothes to keep those pesky insects away. A single application lasts for a whopping six weeks! It’s one of the essential things to get for camping.

32. Hand Warmers Rechargeable

Keep warm this winter with a hand warmer that doubles as a device charger while you’re out and about. It’s light, compact, and is precisely sized for your palm. This tool is a wonderful Christmas gift for camping enthusiasts to keep hands snug in cold conditions. It works wonders for those that suffer from arthritis and other muscular and joint issues.

33. Bottle Bash Standard Outdoor Game Set

A funny camping toy for adults which guarantees a memorable trip. One of the best camping gifts for outdoorsmen, it is ideal for endless camping fun. Out in the wild, it’ll be twice as enjoyable!

34. National Park Candles

A camping trip is the best occasion to discover yourself. Record your experiences while you’re exploring parks and hiking trails for future reference. This logbook contains pre-filled prompts to guide your writing and comes with a pocket for voyage mementos. This is one gift for camping lovers that keeps on giving.

35. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas

This massive book of ideas will give you the road trip of a lifetime. It’s written by experts who actually know what they’re talking about. You’ll be able to plan out trips so you no longer miss out on attractions each state has to offer. Know someone who’s crazy for adventure? This book might be the ultimate camping Christmas gift to fit in their stocking!

36. Headlamp Cap

A headlamp cap is one of the top Christmas camping ideas. Warm and cozy, it is perfect for a cold day. This unisex, one-size-fits-all beanie cap will light your way into the cold winter air.

37. Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Skew on some of your favorite marshmallows and sausages for a memorable fishing trip! If you’ve got a Christmas party coming up, this barrel of laughs makes a nice secret Santa gift for campers. Evenly roasted snacks await with this fun campfire skewer that’s an excellent gift for a fisherman.

38. I’d Rather Be Camping T-shirt

This shirt says it all! It is a unique camping gear that is best for a die-hard camper who lives to see the outdoors. It makes a perfect inexpensive gift.

39. Beer Sleeping Bag

Most men love beer. If your man is not an exception, then this sleeping bag for beer bottles will make a great beer gift for him. This sleeping bag keeps beer safe and sound while hiking up that gorgeous hill. This gift for hikers and campers keeps a favorite drink close at hand and at optimal temperature. It attaches to belt loops and bags with a sturdy carabiner and comes with a bottle opener for convenience.

40. Camping Survival Gear Kit

Bear Grylls fans are sure to scream with excitement when offered this special accessory kit. This multipurpose toolkit holds everything you need to hone and sharpen those life-preserving skills. Be prepared for anything that will come your way and boldly grab life by the horns. Make your husband happy with this camping gift for him this festive season!

41. Digital Camera

We all wish our brains could retain all the amazing memories we’ve saved up from our adventures. Unfortunately, our bionic future hasn’t caught up with us just yet. This is where a digital camera comes in handy. It’s a first-rate gift for people who camp to capture moments to reflect on and share with their loved ones.

42. Handheld GPS Navigator

You won’t get lost with this handy GPS navigator, even if you are terrible at reading maps. Trek your way through hills and trails with fast positioning technology. This waterproof digital compass holds reliable signals and displays elevation levels to help you find your way with ease. This tool is one cool camping gear gift every adventurer deserves. Garmin made its name as one of the best, and it shows!

43. Solar Inflatable Lanterns

This is one item every camper needs at their disposal. It’s a solar-powered light that’s great for emergencies and fun weekends away. This cool camping gift idea recharges while you’re out in the sun or by micro USB input. It even collapses to save on storage space. This incredible light is waterproof, floats on water, and comes with many settings for the perfect level of brightness.

44. Summer Solar Shower

Wash off the dirt from your hike with a relaxing warm shower! Simply fill this bag with water and hang this solar shower from a tree for a nice hot drizzle. This great camping gift idea transports and stores easily in your backpack. Harness the rays of the sun for a nice outdoor shower that’ll definitely enhance your camping experience.

45. Camping Kitchen Utensil Set

Bring your kitchen along so you can cook anywhere with this pack of cooking utensils. This camping gift set comes with ten kitchen tools, fit for every step of food preparation. It’s compact and organizes cookware in a neat travel case. It’s time to get off the grid and cook up a storm!

46. Travel Towels

Travel towels are great camping gifts. They are the perfect travel accessory that every camper should have. Fast-drying, odor-resistant and allergy-friendly, these are perfect for any on-the-go outdoor activities.

47. Phone Screen Magnifier

If you miss having your TV around when you’re off camping, fret not. Simply pop your smartphone into this magnifier, and you have an instant TV screen! This travel companion reduces glare to prevent eye strain, and you can bring it along wherever you go. This is a creative glamping gift for the friend that loves camping but can’t quite disconnect from his TV shows.

48. Waterproof Throw Blanket

This waterproof throw blanket is perfect for your outdoor adventures. It is waterproof, windproof, sand proof and very lightweight while packing. It will keep you warm and dry throughout all your outdoor adventures.

49. With You I’m Home Art

Give your boyfriend or husband a gift to tell him that home is wherever you’re together. Be it a tent or a house – it’s where you share your love that counts. This makes a romantic gift for outdoorsy couples who love camping and are constantly aching for the next adventure.

50. Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

You can’t go wrong with a book listed in the New York Times bestseller list. It contains sage advice from an experienced survivalist, Dave Canterbury. He lives to train ordinary people like you and me to survive in the harshest of conditions. This book is a great gift for new campers and nature lovers.

51. Funny Camping Sign

This sign is perfect as a prop for your camper or RV trailer. It’s a fun camping gift that will set the mood at any campsite. This novelty sign is built to last for many precious moments of joy. It’s the perfect present for the best of us who enjoy a deliciously toasted marshmallow!

52. ‘Life is Better at the Campsite’ Welcome Mat

Keep dirt out of your home, tent, or campervan with this lovely welcome mat. No more trekking soil and muck all over the place! It’s weather-resistant and cleans effortlessly, so you can enjoy this doormat for many years ahead. This mat makes a wonderful gift for RV campers and avid road trippers!

53. YETI Rambler Mug

This wonderful mug keeps your coffee piping hot right up to the last delicious sip. This durable stainless steel mug comes with a lid for maximum insulation and is a good gift for campers. It doesn’t sweat, so surfaces are left pristine. Its coating withstands harsh conditions and will survive the beatings of a good outdoor trip.

54. Funny Boxer

Are you racking your brain when it comes to gifts for him this holiday season? This underwear will make a humorous stocking stuffer! These boxers make the ultimate funny camping gifts as they dream up their next ambitious camping trip. They’re roomy, comfortable, and pack a ton of laughs.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

This amazing list of camping gifts will surely cure travel bugs. Have we gotten you in the mood to leave the confines of your four walls and head into the wild? What are you waiting for? Pack up these camping goodies and put your hiking shoes on. It’s time to experience Mother Earth and thrive!

Megan Barber
Megan Barber
Megan Barber is the founder of The Gift World. Her writing has also been published in Curbed, Travel + Leisure, Ski Magazine. She is now living with her husband and two kids in Denver, CO. She loves giving gifts to the people in her life. Her gift guides will definitely make your present buying experience as easy and as pleasurable as possible with plenty of great gift ideas for all occasions. When not writing, you can find her enjoying biking the Mile High City or camping across the country in a 4x4 Sportsmobile Sprinter.


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