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20 Best Gift Ideas for Your Camper Friends

The best gifts for RV owners have to be useful and fun. Also, you must think about the size because every inch of space inside the trailer is valuable. So, the presents also need to be functional and should take minimal space. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. We’re here to help you with a comprehensive list of the best gifts for RV owners, so you don’t need to waste your time searching. 

All of the following products are tried and tested, loved, and vouched for by our team with tremendous passion. So, let’s dive right in!

Our list of the best gifts for RV owners is full of items that will provide great value for money, comfort, and utility.

Editor’s Choice: Best RV Gifts Under $25

1. CHILLOUT LIFE Wine and Coffee Tumblers

CHILLOUT LIFE Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers

Who wouldn’t love a cool drink of water on scorching hot camping days? These colorful wine tumblers are made of stainless steel material that makes them durable and shatterproof. Hot drinks will retain their heat for close to 3 hours, while cool ones stay chilly for up to 12. 

The tumblers come with leak-proof lids and straws for convenience. At 12 oz. carrying capacity, they are a perfect size. With such versatility, you can consider the tumblers as one of the most useful gifts for RV travelers. 

2. Perytong Bluetooth Sleeping Headband

Perytong Sleeping Headphones Music Sports Headphones Headband,

Getting some sleep inside an RV can be hard for those who are sensitive to noise. The sound of wild creatures or other campers at night can be unnerving. 

The recipient can fall asleep to the sound of rain, guided meditation, or music they prefer. It’s also super easy to clean. The headband is undoubtedly one of the best RV gift ideas under $20. 

Best Practical RV Gifts

3. TopTes Portable Gas Leak Detector

TopTes PT210 Gas Leak Detector

In a closed space like RVs, gas leaks can be even more dangerous than usual. This small gas leak detector pen powered by AAA batteries can be a lifesaver for any RV owner worried about a leak.

This will provide a visual and auditory alarm when the exact spot of a leak is determined. One of the handiest gifts for RV campers.

4. Utopia Home Folding Step Stool

Utopia Home Folding Step Stool

A step stool may not be on a list of glamorous gifts for RV owners, but it sure is one of the most useful things you can get. With all the hard-to-reach cabinets in an RV, a space-saving step tool is bound to come in handy.

Flat-foldable, skid-proof, and highly durable, this stool can take up to 300 lbs. of weight. Also, the classic polka dot design will bring a smile on your face. 

5. CARTMAN 148-Piece Tool Set

Cartman 148 Piece Automotive and Household Tool Set

Carrying a basic toolset in an RV is a smart move. This 148-piece tool kit can be all needed to do minor repairs on your RV. The kit is portable, easily organizable, and contains all the tools needed to get started. 

Gifts for RVers who like tinkering with things don’t get better than this. They’ll love it.

6. Opoiar RV Mattress 

Opoiar Green Tea Medium Firm Memory Foam Short Queen Mattress

Available in many sizes, Opoiar allows you to choose the perfect mattress for any RV. This firm memory foam mattress comes with a removable cover to protect it. Ergonomically designed and offering adequate padding, it’s the best way to relax.

The mattress is one of the most comfortable gifts for camper owners. However, you need to have a big budget since a mattress costs a couple of hundred dollars.

7. HitchSafe Key Vault

HitchSafe HS7000 Key Vault

This is a great addition to any vehicle, not just an RV. While traveling, this vault can provide a safe space for your keys, cards, and other valuables. 

If you’re looking for camper gift ideas that improve safety, this is the one. It comes with a number combination lock that can be concealed with the cover.

Best Outdoor RV Gifts

8. Horizon Hound Camping Blanket

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket

One of the best gifts for RV owners is a camping blanket that offers good insulation. It’s made of nylon and filled with 80% duck down and 20% feather. 

The blanket is machine washable and weighs only a pound while measuring 77 x 50 inches. It’s the ultimate blanket for camping!

9. Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pit

Outland Living Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit

Outland Living makes one of the best propane fire pits for RV campers. Its spark-free ignition makes it safe to use on campgrounds. 

Perfectly portable, easy to start, smokeless, and clean, this little fire pit is just what a family or group of friends needs to huddle around on cold nights. It’s one of the best RV gifts for Christmas. 

10. Hap Tim Picnic Cooler Backpack

Hap Tim Picnic Backpack Cooler for 4 Person with Insulated Leakproof Cooler Bag

This is one of the best RV Christmas gifts for those who love having outdoor picnics. It’s got a lot of storage space adequate for four people. The insulated cooler compartment can hold a lot of drinks with ice packs. The backpack comes with premium picnic supplies to save you money. 

11. Double Hammock With Carrying Bag

Durable Hammock 500 lb Capacity - Lightweight Nylon Camping Hammock Chair

With the ability to hold up to 500 lbs, the hammock is great for outdoor adventures. This is one of the best gift ideas for RV owners who love to lounge in the sun. 

The kit comes with everything necessary for setting up that takes only a couple of minutes. There is also a compact carrying bag, so it will take minimum space in an RV. 

12. BigBlue Portable & Foldable Solar Charger

BigBlue 3 USB-A 28W Solar Charger

Christmas gifts for RV owners don’t get better than this. The solar charger is the perfect gift for those who love gadgets and can’t go camping without them. 

You can charge multiple devices at once, thanks to the 3 USB outlets. It folds into a smaller unit, so it makes perfect sense in a camper where space is at premium. 

13. National Geographic Guide to the US National Parks

National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States 9th Edition

If you want to buy gifts for new RV owners, this guidebook should be on your list. With beautiful pictures, detailed maps, and basic information about all the national parks in the USA, this guide comes in handy. The small, travel-size book is easy to carry wherever you go. 


Does your RVer friend go on frequent camping trips? Give them a membership to Harvest Hosts. Starting at $99/year, it’s affordable and can make for some incredible experiences.

Users will get unlimited access to host wineries, farms, breweries and distilleries, and more. Overnight stays are free of charge for the members. 

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15. WACACO Minipresso NS

WACACO Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine

Some people can’t function without a cup of coffee in the morning. If your RVer friend is one of them, give them a mini espresso machine from WACACO. It’s one of the most amazing gift ideas for camper owners who love all things caffeine. 

Easy to use and compatible with NS capsules, the only thing you need to add is hot water. With the capsule and water in place, unlock the piston and pump a few times to get delicious and instant espresso. 

16. FullStart Immersion Blender

Immersion Blender, Hand Blender Electric

An immersion blender is a great tool to have in an RV kitchen. It saves up space but works incredibly well. Having basic appliances around can make cooking much easier, allowing campers to try different recipes. 

17. The Camp & Cabin Cookbook

The Camp & Cabin Cookbook: 100 Recipes to Prepare Wherever You Go

A camping cookbook for the ages. With practical and uncomplicated outdoor cooking recipes, this book is easy to follow.

The recipes are great and doable for camping trips when someone has some cooking skills already. So, if your camper friend is a foodie and would love to feast under the starlight, this is a sure-hit gift.

Best RV Technology Gifts

18. JOGANVE Advanced GPS Navigator

7-inch Car GPS Navigation GPS Navigation for Truck & RV & Car

Another incredible upgrade for RVs is an advanced navigation system. With unlimited, lifetime availability of map updates, speed-limit alerts, and multi-language navigation support voice, the GPS navigator from JOGANVE is an incredible tool.

With Built-in HiFi speakers, 8GB ROM, 256MB RAM, and 32 GB external memory capacity, it’s a powerful unit that can process fast. You can mount it on any flat surface, thanks to the back bracket mount. It’s one of the best gifts for RV owners if you have a high budget.

Best Gifts for RV Living Comfort

19. Afloia Air Purifier

Air Purifiers for Home Up to 880 Ft² With Fragrance Sponge

Anyone who has stayed inside an RV knows how unpleasantly smelly it can get. A possible solution could be using the Afloia air purifier, one of the most unique gifts for RV owners on our list.

By adding an essential oil of choice to the sponges the filter comes with, the RV can smell like a meadow in minutes. This model filters 220 sq. ft of space in just 15 minutes and requires only 35 watts to run. 

20. Katchy Indoor Insect Trap

KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap - Catcher & Killer for Mosquitos

Staying in an RV can mean having to let go of many comforts that a home has to offer. However, an escape from bugs doesn’t have to be one of them. 

The indoor insect trap from Katchy is one of the most useful gifts for RV enthusiasts. The use of ultra-violet light traps mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other small bugs. 

Final Words

Hopefully, you found our list of best gifts for RV owners interesting and useful. We kept the list diverse and made sure that they are functional and provide value for money.

Just keep your friend’s interest in mind, look for things they don’t have already and you’ll find the perfect gift that they’ll love.

Megan Barber
Megan Barber
Megan Barber is the founder of The Gift World. Her writing has also been published in Curbed, Travel + Leisure, Ski Magazine. She is now living with her husband and two kids in Denver, CO. She loves giving gifts to the people in her life. Her gift guides will definitely make your present buying experience as easy and as pleasurable as possible with plenty of great gift ideas for all occasions. When not writing, you can find her enjoying biking the Mile High City or camping across the country in a 4x4 Sportsmobile Sprinter.


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