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20 Just Because Gifts For Him To Make His Day

Gift-giving is a great way to show your man some appreciation. You don’t have to always look for an occasion to pick out something that he would enjoy. You can go for just because gifts for him to show your love any day.

If your boyfriend or husband has a hobby, that’s a great place to start brainstorming gift ideas. Relaxation gifts work for all. You can also gift him something for you both to enjoy together. Arrange for cute surprises for boyfriend just because you want to.

We have compiled a list of 20 amazing gifts that will surely make his day. 

What is A “Just Because” Gift?

What does a “just because” gift mean?

A “just because” gift refers to a present given to someone without a specific occasion or reason. It’s a spontaneous gesture to show appreciation, love, or thoughtfulness towards the recipient. Unlike traditional gifts given for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, “just because” gifts are given simply because the giver wants to bring joy or surprise to the recipient’s day.

These gifts often express care and affection, and they can range from small tokens of appreciation to more significant and meaningful presents. The purpose is to let someone know that you’re thinking of them and wanted to do something nice for them, without any particular event prompting the gesture.

20 Just Because Gifts for Him: Make His Day Better

We have a list of the best just because gifts for boyfriend. They’re all excellent options to choose from.

1. Witfox Custom Spotify Plaque

witfox Custom Spotify Plaque Anniversary Ideal Gifts for Him

If you want a romantic but inexpensive just because gifts for him, this is a great option. You can customize the picture used in the plaque, the font, and the song as per your taste.

Pick a song that has a special meaning for both of you. Ideally, it should remind him of some of your best times. The plaque itself looks super cute and lights up beautifully. To play the song, just scan the song code on your Spotify app.

2. Aromaman Beard Care Set

Aromaman Beard Care All-Natural Hand Crafted Beard Oil, Balm, Shampoo and Beard Brush/Comb

In case your man has a beard, this one will be one of the most unique just because gifts for him

The beard care set is affordable but offers great value. All natural and handcrafted, you get some of the best products. There’s beard oil, balm, shampoo, and even a wooden comb. It’s definitely a complete beard care package for your man at the best price. 

3. Cocktail Smoker Kit

Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch for Whiskey & Bourbon, Old Fashioned Smoker Set

This is the best gift for someone who likes to add exotic flavors to their cocktails. With this cocktail smoker kit in his arsenal, he’ll be the life of the party for sure. It’s also the right gift, if your partner enjoys pouring himself a drink for quiet time after work.

All the flavors are excellent and he can enjoy this for quite a lot of drinks. The packaging is neat and is bound to excite him when he gets hold of it. 

4. Funny Stainless Steel Tumbler

Stainless Steel Tumbler Funny Gifts for Men, Him, Husband, Grandpa, Dad, Father

For those couples who have a playful relationship even after years of marriage, this gag gift seems perfect. The food-grade stainless steel tumbler will keep his drink at the right temperature for hours. 

But the engraving is the real star. The hilarious laser-engraved design says, “I’m not old. I’m Classic.” If your partner has a sense of humor, he’ll probably have a good laugh. 

5. Smokehouse by Thoughtfully Ultimate Grilling Spice Set

Smokehouse by Thoughtfully Ultimate Grilling Spice Set

If you’re looking for cooking-related just because gifts for husband who loves grilling, this is it. These 20-pack seasoning flavors are packed with interesting notes to play around with. He’ll definitely appreciate this neatly packaged set. 

Experimental grillers who love smoking their meat with different flavors will enjoy tinkering with the blends. If that sounds like your man, surprise him with this grilling spice set. 

6. Funny Woodworking Baseball Cap

Ann Arbor T-shirt Co. Sawdust is Man Glitter | Funny Woodworking Wood Working Saw Dust Humor Baseball Cap Dad Hat Black

For those looking for small gifts for boyfriend just because they feel like it, this baseball cap is pretty cool. 

The words “Sawdust is Man Glitter” with a round saw blade are embroidered on the cap. So, if your man is a woodworking genius, he will love it. 

7. Customized Celebrity Message Video

This is a great personalized gift. Cameo makes videos for their customers with personal messages from celebrities you choose from. If your man is the fan of an athlete, actor, or comedian, who are listed on Cameo, this is a stellar gift.

You can get him all starstruck and excited with this gift. Having your idol make a video message can create a happy memory to be cherished for a lifetime.

8. Aphrodisiac Cooking Class

For those who want a date night at home but keep it fun and fresh, this is a great gift. The best part is you get to enjoy it as a couple. You’ll be making aphrodisiac drinks, dinner, and dessert with the help of a 90-minute live virtual session with celebrity chef Mark Kalix.

9. Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Gift Basket

Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Food Gift Basket Snack Gifts for

Chocolates as gifts are classic. There is barely any person in the world who does not love them. If your man has a sweet tooth, this chocolate gift basket will delight him for sure. 

Broadway Basketeers is a renowned service for offering gourmet gift baskets. The chocolates and other snacks they include in this basket are simply delicious. Also, everything is packed nicely with a bow in a beautiful wicker basket that can be reused. 

10. Da Vinci’s Room Mystery Date

da Vinci's Room Mystery Date 52 Scratch Off Card at-Home Date Night Ideas and 52 Conversation Starters

Another one of our great just because gifts for him is a 52-pack of scratch-off mystery dating cards. The activities in the cards have been designed for couples who want to stay at home and chill. 

Each card has clues about the possible expenses, duration, and preparation of the activities. So, you both can decide before scratching a card. 

If you both love going outside, there is also a “Going Out” edition at the same price. 

11. Gentlemen’s Set of 6 Premium Grade Fragrance Oils

Get this relaxing gift for your man. All 6 of the scents are unique and have a very strong aroma. A couple of drops of them in your diffuser will work their magic. 

If your partner enjoys making candles or soaps, these scents are excellent to experiment with. Mixing from two or three bottles will create a new fragrance. 

12. CMWGKBC Massage Oil

Fathers Day Gift, Massage Oil for Massage Therapy,Ginger Oil Lymphatic Drainage

Who wouldn’t enjoy being pampered with a massage after a hectic day at work? These massage oils are one of the best just because gifts for him. An impromptu massage session may just be what you both need to relax and have a good time.

The oil relieves muscle soreness and helps with lymphatic drainage to help your man relax. It comes with a massage roller ball, so you don’t need to spend extra. 

13. Infmetry Cute Capsule Love Messages

These 25 small capsules come in a cute glass jar. It’s one of the cutest just because gifts for him you can find. 

Each capsule has a paper inside where you have to write short messages. Write the sweetest things you can think of to make his day.

14. Antique Music Box

Can't Help Falling in Love Wood Music Box

This antique music box is the best thing ever to create a magical, romantic moment. Hand-crank the box’s handle to play the music. It plays “Can’t Help Falling in Love” for 30 seconds before repeating the same notes. It’s a cutesy little gift to put a smile on his face. 

15. Tiny Gift Bottles

Kseniya Revta Cute Boyfriend Gifts - Personalized Anniversary Present for Him

The cute dinosaur in this tiny bottle will bring a smile to his face. You can get your own message or picture printed or choose one from their collection. Honestly, the store’s card collection is pretty fun. You can even change the dino with a bear, panda, owl, or another cute animal of your choice. 

16. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Genuine Leather Passcase Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Genuine Leather Passcase Wallet with Multiple Card Slots

If your man appreciates a slim leather wallet that easily slides into his pockets, this is a quality one to try. These affordable wallets come with so many different design and color variations. 

There are lots of pockets, which is very convenient for organizing money and cards. You can slip a picture of yourself inside to make the gesture more romantic.

17. Custom Lighter

Custom Zippo Lighter Personalized Laser Engraved 'YOUR NAME' Tribal Tattoo Border Lighter Gift for Man

This Zippo lighter comes with the option of printing the name of your boyfriend onto it. It’s one of the nicest just because gifts for him. The flame design looks great. The quality of the material is premium and it looks quite sturdy. He can refill it and use it as long as he wants. 

18. Hicarer Vintage Pocket Watch

Hicarer Vintage Pocket Watch Steel Men Watch with Chain

Another one of our vintage just because gifts for him is a beautifully engraved pocket watch. It’s a nice gift that will be a stylish addition to his outfit. If he likes vintage-looking designs, he will definitely like this pocket watch.

19. Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog

A comfy gift for him! In case your man hasn’t tried a pair of Crocs yet, he will be thanking you for days for this gift.

It’s a nice clog to wear around the house or running errands. They’re made from Croslite material that offers good support. 

20. LAMEVEN Eye Massager

LAMEVEN Eye Massager, Birthday Gifts for Men

Another gift for him to relax with and there’s also an option to listen to music. Imagine getting your eyes massaged gently in the dark while relaxing music is playing. A stress-relieving session cannot be more affordable than this. 

Final Words 

The best just because gifts for him are the ones that remind him of good times, align with his taste and hobbies, or something that will ensure a fun or relaxing time. 

We love romantic gestures like impromptu gift-giving. It’s one of the most visible ways to show your love. The thought put into a gift is very important as well as the gift itself. As long as you take the time to choose a gift he will enjoy the most, your gift will be a hit.

Megan Barber
Megan Barber
Megan Barber is the founder of The Gift World. Her writing has also been published in Curbed, Travel + Leisure, Ski Magazine. She is now living with her husband and two kids in Denver, CO. She loves giving gifts to the people in her life. Her gift guides will definitely make your present buying experience as easy and as pleasurable as possible with plenty of great gift ideas for all occasions. When not writing, you can find her enjoying biking the Mile High City or camping across the country in a 4x4 Sportsmobile Sprinter.


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