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How to Wrap Large Gifts in 8 Simple Steps

So you just got someone the perfect gift, but it’s a big one. I know that feeling of excitement when you find just the right thing, only to get home and realize, “how am I going to wrap this?” Don’t worry. I’m going to explain how to wrap large gifts.

I’ll admit, wrapping large gifts can feel intimidating at first. But there are creative wrapping ideas for large gifts like giant beach balls or large stuffed animals.   

Let’s find out the details about how to wrap big boxes.

How to Wrap Large Gifts: A Tutorial

No more scratching your head for finding a way of how to wrap big presents. After reading my tutorial, you’ll actually look forward to wrapping them. So, let’s find out how to wrap large box and what supplies you need. 

wrap a big box

Supplies for Wrapping a Large Gift

  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Regular tape
  • Baker’s twine

Instructions for How to Wrap Large Gifts

If you want to know how to wrap a big box, follow these instructions. I’ve explained all the steps in detail so there’s no confusion. 

Step 1: Prepare the Wrapping Paper

The first step when wrapping a large gift is to lay out the wrapping paper. Pick a location with a smooth, flat surface like a table or floor. Unroll enough wrapping paper to cover the entire gift box, plus a little extra on each side. Make sure the pattern on the paper faces upward.

Smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the paper so you have a neat, unwrinkled surface to work on. This will help the wrapping look crisp and clean. If the paper curls up on the edges, you can tape it down lightly to keep it flat.

Once the paper is smoothly laid out, you’re ready to position the gift box.

Step 2: Wrap the Top Half

With the paper prepared, now it’s time to start wrapping the gift box. Carefully place the box in the center of the wrapping paper. 

Take the left and right sides of the paper and pull them up over the top of the box. The paper should extend several inches past the edges of the box on both sides. Secure the paper in place with strips of tape. Tape along the seams where the paper overlaps underneath the box.

Smooth the paper neatly around the corners and edges for a tight fit. The top half of the box is now wrapped.

wrapping ideas for large gifts

Step 3: Seal the Top Half’s Bottom

Flip the box, so the open end is facing upward. Take the flaps from the bottom of the box and fold them inward one at a time, creasing each flap sharply.

Once all flaps are folded in, seal them down with tape. Try to tape as close to the edges as possible for maximum hold. Run tape along all the seams where the flaps meet.

Press firmly along the tape to secure the folds. The top half of the gift box is now wrapped.

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Step 4: Wrap the Other Side

Now that the top half of the gift box is wrapped, it’s time to repeat the process for the bottom half. Carefully flip the box over, so the wrapped top is facing down and the open bottom is facing up.

Lay out more wrapping paper, smoothing out any wrinkles. Make sure you have enough paper to cover the entire underside of the box.

Follow the same technique as before. Raise the sides of the paper up around the bottom of the box and secure with tape. Be sure to tape along all the seams and edges for a snug fit.

Wrapping the underside of the box may be trickier since you’ll be working upside down. Take your time to wrap smoothly around the corners.

Once the bottom portion is fully wrapped, you’ll have an entirely wrapped large gift box. This is how to wrap large gifts. You can leave the wrapping here or follow the next steps to add some decorations. 

how to wrap large gifts

Step 5: Add a Center Band

To take the wrapping to the next level, you can add another layer of wrapping paper around the center of the box. Use baker’s twine to measure the width of the box at its widest point.

Cut a sheet of wrapping paper to match this length. The width of the paper can be 4-6 inches or whatever you prefer for the band.

Center the paper band horizontally around the middle of the box. Fold over the hard edges and tape down to secure. 

Step 6: Add Ribbon Trim

Once your large gift is wrapped, you may notice some imperfections where the hard edges of the wrapping paper are visible. An easy way to hide these is by adding ribbon trim.

Use your baker’s twine to measure the perimeter of the box. Cut a length of wide, decorative ribbon to this size.

Position the ribbon so it covers any rough or uneven seams in the wrapping paper. Gently wrap the ribbon around the box and overlap the ends about an inch. Secure the ribbon in place with a piece of tape.

The ribbon adds a pop of color and cleverly disguises any flaws in the wrapping!

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Step 8: Finish with a Beautiful Bow

For an impressive final touch, top your gift with an oversized bow. Use your twine again to measure the width of the box. Cut an extra long length of ribbon for the bow.

Just like before, center the ribbon horizontally around the box, overlapping the ends. Before taping it down, gently gather the ribbon and tie it into a loose bow, leaving long streamers.

Fluff and arrange the bow, then secure the center with floral stem wrap. Trim the streamers if needed. The gorgeous bow is the crowning detail on your expertly wrapped large gift. No trace of messy edges or tape, just a picture-perfect present ready for giving.

The Final Words

So, this is how to wrap large gifts. It may seem daunting, but following these simple techniques makes it easy to achieve a polished, professional look. Whoever you give the present will be impressed by the time and care you put into the wrapping. 

Megan Barber
Megan Barber
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