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20 Best DIY Gifts for Boyfriend: Fun Gifts to Make for Him

Making DIY gifts for boyfriend will make him feel extra special because of the thought and effort you have put into them. If you want a heartfelt gift for your boyfriend for his birthday, Christmas, new year, or any other occasion, we have 20 great ideas for you.

Some of these options may require a bit more of your time but most of them are easy to make. We have kept the cute quotient to a maximum while making this list.

Let’s dive into our top DIY gift ideas for boyfriend that will definitely put a smile on his face.

20 Best DIY Gifts For Boyfriend: Easy Gift Ideas With Tutorials

Here are 20 cute things to make for your boyfriend to show your love and appreciation for him. 

1. Collage Frames with Cute Messages

You can get the best couple of pictures you have for this collage frame. Decorate with dry flowers, printed messages, cut-up paper from a book, or some cute stickers. You can also add a QR code for a song on Spotify dedicated to your boyfriend. 

We recommend you get a plain frame with a thin black or golden border to let your decorations and pictures shine. 

Check out this tutorial video below: 

2. DIY Crepe Paper & Hairpin Flowers

It could be one of the best last-minute homemade gifts for boyfriend. He will love an ethereal-looking bouquet of flowers. It’s enough to brighten anyone’s day. Moreover, they’re super easy to make with only a handful of supplies. 

You don’t need tons of experience with origami to do this. Anyone can follow this simple tutorial video and the result will be stunning. 

3. Miniature Bottle Souvenirs

Miniature bottles filled with small decorative pieces look so adorable. They’re also easy to make and you can try out any of the 5 different ideas in this tutorial.

Your boyfriend can keep it somewhere in his room to look at. It’s meant to be a small reminder of you. As far as souvenirs go, this one’s pretty cute.

4. Chocolate Explosion Box

One of our easy DIY gifts for boyfriend is a chocolate explosion box. If your man has a sweet tooth, this one is a great gift idea for him. 

You put his favorite chocolate bars, candies, and treats in the various layers of the explosion box. We recommend you get the ones he enjoys eating the most. 

You can also decorate the layers with couple pictures, stickers, cute doodles, patterns, or prints. Get the tutorial here. 

5. Spotify Plaque

A Spotify plaque is one of the mess-free gifts to make for your boyfriend. You don’t need any hot glue, stickers, tapes, etc. You will need some photo editing skills, but there’s nothing complicated. Check a detailed tutorial here. 


You can edit your Spotify plaque picture, font, colors, and other details before printing it out. If you and your boyfriend have a special song that has been significant in your relationship in some way, this is a great gift.

6. Scratch Off Love Coupons

If your boyfriend’s love language is Acts of Service, this gift can be incredible for him. Check the tutorial here. 

We recommend you offer to do chores he hates doing in some of the coupons, offer gifts, and anything else you know he’ll appreciate. The great thing about this gift is he can choose to scratch the cards one in a day or week, as he likes. 

However, you have to deliver when he redeems his coupons, so make those commitments carefully.

7. Care Package

This is another one of our thoughtful and cute DIY gifts for boyfriend. If you have a long-distance relationship, he will appreciate this care package. 

But you can give this gift to him even when you are living together. Plan a special day for your boyfriend where he can pamper himself. Include things he loves eating and other indulgences that make him feel good.

You can personalize the package by decorating or writing a cute message. Adding a letter or a gift card will also be a good idea.

8. Pull Out Photo Box

A pull-out photo box is one of the simplest handmade gifts for boyfriend. He can keep the adorable little box, containing a picture reel of you two, on his desk. 

It’s easy to make and you don’t have to be too artistic to get it looking absolutely beautiful. Watch this Youtube video to learn how to make it. 

9. DIY Clay Keychains

Making him a key chain is a nice token of love that he can carry around. It’s a budget-friendly gift and doesn’t require many tools. But you have to be patient when molding the shapes. 

Working with clay is super fun. If you love such projects, this is one of the best small DIY gifts for boyfriend birthday. Get the tutorial from this YouTube video. 

10. Scrapbook of Your Relationship Timeline

Personal DIY gifts for boyfriend don’t get better than taking a trip down memory lane. There are so many ways to decorate a scrapbook and different levels of skills required. However, we have a tutorial for you that is easy to make but looks super cute. 

11. Date Night Gift Box

This one is not just another one of our many DIY gifts for boyfriend, but it’s a gift for both of you. 

Put together a gift box with knick-knacks for a perfect date night together. Quality time is really the best gift you can give your partner. If you haven’t spent a romantic night together for some time, this is the perfect gift. Find the tutorial here

12. Cute DIY Card

This has to be the easiest project on this list of DIY gifts for boyfriend. It’ll take you less than 10 minutes to complete, a quick way to show some appreciation for him. 

Just follow this quick tutorial to learn how to make this card. You can pair this card with other DIY gifts on our list. 

13. DIY Phone Case

An aesthetic phone case is one of the best DIY Christmas gifts for boyfriend for sure. It’s also budget-friendly and easy to make. You don’t need to be very crafty to get the best results.

We’ve found this tutorial that shows all the steps with clear instructions. 

14. Heart Slider With Small Message

It’s another quick DIY gift idea that we love. A slider with a short ‘I love you’ message can be something you slip into his notebook, locker, pocket, or backpack. It’s a cute, little gift to express your love for him. Not to say that this small gesture will brighten his day.

You can get the full tutorial here. 

15. Miniature Book With Sentimental Messages

If you love miniature gifts as much as we do, this is one you’ll have great fun making. In case you have nice handwriting, this can turn out to be absolutely beautiful. Write small messages in calligraphy to impress him even more. Watch this video to learn how to make the tiny book of love. 

16. DIY Photo Wind Chime

Wind chimes are beautiful on their own, with an air of whimsy. You can make it even more whimsical with lights and your photos. The soft glow of the light at night is soothing, to say the least. This is one of the best DIY gifts for boyfriend that will remind him of you. 

Find the tutorial here. 

17. DIY Window Gift Box

You can bake your boyfriend his favorite cookies or give his favorite sweet treats in a DIY window gift box.

The box is also perfect for other small items, such as dried flowers, small charms, miniature stuffed animals, etc. You can take inspiration from this tutorial

18. Handmade Gift Card

Taking the time to make an elaborate gift card is one of the best DIY birthday gifts for boyfriend. This one will surely take some time, but your effort will really shine through the final product.

You can write appreciative notes and add a couple of photos or small stickers to make this card pop. Watch the tutorial below: 

19. DIY Mailbox With Small Love Notes

One of the most unique DIY gifts for boyfriend on our list is a small mailbox filled with tiny envelopes. Follow the below tutorial to find out how to craft the mailbox without much hassle. You’ll get a printable template for the mailbox that you just need to cut into shapes. 

What makes your mailbox special are the love notes inside. So, don’t be afraid to pour your heart out. 

20. Waterfall Cards

This one is a pretty sophisticated way to give your boyfriend a nostalgic picture deck. You can add more layers if you would like to make a longer waterfall card with lots of pictures.

The tutorial below shows step-by-step instructions on how to make these sliding waterfall cards. It’s one of the most aesthetic and unique DIY gifts for boyfriend we’ve found online. 

Final Words

Making DIY gifts for boyfriend can be an enjoyable experience and the best part is to see their reaction. It’s a nice way to strengthen your relationship with small tokens that show you care.

Birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries are all good occasions to give your boyfriend a handcrafted gift. Such little surprises are rather cute and keep things fun.

diy birthday gifts for boyfriend
Photo: studioroman / Getty Images

However, pick a gift option that you feel confident about pulling it off. DIY-ing does require some basic skills and a collection of craft materials. Hopefully, your boyfriend likes whatever gift you make for him.

Megan Barber
Megan Barber
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