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25 Awesome Second Baby Gifts All Second-Time Moms Will Love

Are you scratching your head looking for gifts for a second baby? Fear not! Our list of practical and thoughtful gift ideas will excite all second-time moms.

If someone you know is expecting a baby, surprise them at the baby sprinkle with one of these. Taking care of a newborn when you have a first child to deal with can be stressful. That’s why everything here will make caring for the second child as easy as possible.

Best Baby Gifts For A Second Baby

When a mom is pregnant the second time around, she doesn’t need too many things for baby number two. With that said, she’d still appreciate a gift to celebrate this wonderful milestone. Here are some great ideas!

Dream Big Little One Blanket

When you have children, there can never be too many blankets around. A 2nd time mom will surely appreciate this gift for her second child. It’ll be a constant reminder to dream big. Peaceful sleep awaits this little one.


Mama will love dressing her new kid in these super soft organic onesies. This set of baby essentials promises a happy, comfortable baby, and it comes in such lovely designs, too. The baby boy will be amazed at the fun stripes and prints on his outfit!

I Am Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

God is good. Here’s a cute baby girl item that will make great nursery decor for the 2nd child. Is there anything better than a newborn to remind us about His love for all of us?

Double Stroller

Bringing an infant and toddler out can sometimes be the stuff of nightmares. Here’s a practical gift for parents of two. Now, trips to the mall will actually be fun, and mom will finally be able to do some shopping!

Baby’s First Christmas Photo Ornament

Every family member will love the baby’s first Christmas present, especially the mother. Just imagine the faces filled with joy, standing around the tree, complete with lights. This gift and the new member of the family will complete the holidays, that’s for sure!

Me and My Brother/Sister Desktop Plaque

A first child might feel overwhelmed with the coming of a new sibling. Tell a firstborn there’s much reason to be happy because a baby brother or sister is the best gift ever. These two are going to be the greatest of friends!

Baby Memory Book

What’s a baby sprinkle without this keepsake? Complete a baby shower with a gift to record the first year. A second time mom will love looking back at photos of first steps and older siblings with the youngest. Babies grow up so fast, this will slow time down a little!

Baby Birth Stats Pillow

Are you hunting for newborn baby boy gift ideas? Well, a super soft personalized pillow is something for the whole family! Mom will love some gifts to support her aching back, and the second baby can even learn how to sit with it!

Diaper Bag Backpack

Having a newborn means that you’re always leaving the house in a hurry. Here’s a practical push present so mom will never forget anything. It’s the diaper bag for the busy modern woman who really does everything for her family!

Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

When a soft blanket can double as a photo prop, then you know it’s the perfect gift. Surprise a second time mom who’s in her second pregnancy by giving her this present. Sharing photos from her baby’s first year is going to be her new favorite thing to do!

Newborn Baby Gift Set

A baby’s skin needs gentle, loving care, and this is what Johnson’s does best. This gift basket will be the best baby gift for a 2nd child. Bath time is going to be everyone’s favorite time of the day. Mom won’t even complain about the splashes!

For This Child I Have Prayed Canvas Print

Some people get pregnant really easily, while others need more time. Here’s one of the best gifts for second baby that will brighten a baby’s nursery. This print comes with a Bible quote all parents will hold close to their hearts because it’s filled with truth!

Hooded Baby Towel

A soft towel is a great present for baby number two. This 2nd baby gift is so special, even the newborn won’t feel like sharing. Exiting the bath into this welcoming towel is so comforting that the baby will be ready for sleep in minutes!

Waterproof Crib Sheet

When you’re caring for a second child, you won’t have the time to deal with wet mattresses. A mom will appreciate some sanity in her day, and this gift will surely help with that. Want to help both baby and mama rest better? Throw this into the care basket!

White Noise Machine

An experienced mama knows how precious naptime is. Give her a push present for the second baby to relax the little one, helping them sleep longer and deeper. Sometimes, that’s the best thing you can offer a tired 2nd time mom, a few hours to herself!

Making People Smile Baby Name Pillow

A pillow is a wonderful gift for anyone because it’s neutral gender, and everyone loves something soft to hold. This custom present will make people smile when they’re feeling tired from the day. Even the baby will enjoy seeing the happy faces plastered all over it!

Organic Freezer Safe Teethers

Teething can be rough, especially for a little infant. Help a 2nd child get through this difficult time with safe teethers. Since it comes in a set of five, a mother doesn’t need to worry about losing them. A teether should be in every second child survival kit!

Baby Portable Changing Pad

This changing pad is so practical, it’s as if a second-time parent thought of it herself. You won’t be able to find a mom who wouldn’t love how thoughtful this gift is. Dirty diapers while on the go will no longer be a problem for this mama!

Stuffed Animal Plush

“Are we the same gender? Why do we look so different?” Those might be the questions a kid asks when wondering about animals. A cute animal plush toy is a wonderful way to entertain a newborn when mom is busy cooking or working. Give her a breather!

Baby Wrap Carrier

A baby who feels close to mom all the time is a happy kid. Offer mama an organic super soft carrier so she’ll be able to get her stuff done easily. Using this is like a hug that never ends, which is exactly what a newborn needs!

Cloth Book Set

Cloth books that crinkle and delight are must-haves for a second baby. Keep a second child away from paper books that are easily torn and damaged. Watch a kid’s face light up with the fun colors and pictures. What a great introduction to reading!

Family Matching Shirt

An older child might feel left out when a mom is busy taking care of her new baby. Help a sibling feel included with matching shirts for the whole family. A day out in the park dressed up will make a great photo session, too!

Video Baby Monitor

This is also one of the best gifts for second time moms, which will help mom and dad sleep better at night, knowing their baby is safe. Parents will appreciate being able to watch over their newborn without having to move around. The tools of the modern age really do wonders for a family!

My New Baby Book

Get a new big sister settled in her role with a book written especially for her. This is the first of the many times she’ll be reading to her little sibling. There’s nothing more beautiful than two kids with a love for reading.

For This Child We Have Prayed Photo Blanket

Is someone you love having a second baby? Congratulations! Celebrate with a blanket that says everything a parent feels. When a mom gets pregnant, it’s as if her biggest prayer has been answered. Now, her first kid has a true companion, and this bond between them is unbreakable!

How to Find the Best Gifts for a Second Baby?

Shopping for gifts for a second baby isn’t quite the same as the first time around.

For one, a second-time mom has a first child to consider. Parents of two dream of seeing their older and the second child play together. That is why practical presents are important so that soon-to-be big brothers and sisters feel included in the process.

When you are finding something for experienced parents, you should ask them what they are missing. This way, you’ll be getting the family what they truly need.

Think about how to make mom’s life easier because now she has two little ones to care for. Find ways to encourage the siblings to get to know each other better. If you keep this in mind, you’ll come up with a great gift!

Final Words

We hope that our list of best baby gifts for second baby and some tips above will help you find the best baby congratulations present.

Keep in mind to give the second-time mom some baby essentials to lighten her load. If you do that, a mother can focus on what’s important: loving her beautiful family! Nothing is more joyful than seeing her little angel grow!

Megan Barber
Megan Barber
Megan Barber is the founder of The Gift World. Her writing has also been published in Curbed, Travel + Leisure, Ski Magazine. She is now living with her husband and two kids in Denver, CO. She loves giving gifts to the people in her life. Her gift guides will definitely make your present buying experience as easy and as pleasurable as possible with plenty of great gift ideas for all occasions. When not writing, you can find her enjoying biking the Mile High City or camping across the country in a 4x4 Sportsmobile Sprinter.


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