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Best 40th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Forty years together! That’s no small feat. Staying together that long shows how strong your bond is and how much you love each other.

Reaching a 40th wedding anniversary is a big deal worth celebrating in a special way. “What is traditional gift for 40th wedding anniversary?” you may ask?

Giving your spouse a ruby jewel for the occasion represents the passion and strength that keeps your marriage going year after year. The ruby symbolizes keeping that fire alive for anniversaries to come.

While ruby jewelry is always a classic choice, there are lots of other great gift ideas too. Here are some fantastic options for 40th wedding anniversary gifts.

40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

It’s time to celebrate 40 amazing years of love and commitment! Here are some 40th wedding anniversary ideas for your husband:

1. Vinyl Record Canvas Poster

Do you remember those special moments lost in the music of your favorite love song? Those memories deserve to be commemorated.

Give him a customized canvas poster featuring a vinyl record design. Whether hung on a wall or placed on a mantle, it adds a personal touch that makes any room feel special.

Simply hang it up using tape or tack strips. It brings a fun and sentimental element to your space. You will remember those golden memories tied to your favorite songs together. It’s one of the most sentimental 40th wedding anniversary gifts.

2. Watch 

A watch makes a classic and timeless gift. It symbolizes the time that has passed and the love that has endured all these years. Here are some options to consider:

Luxury watch: If you want to go all out, buy a high-end watch from a famous brand. Pick a style that matches his tastes and personality.

Personalized engraving: Take it to the next level with an engraving. Include a meaningful message, your name or wedding anniversary date on the back. It adds a truly thoughtful touch.

Whether luxury or not, a watch shows you were thinking of time, the time you’ve spent together and the time you have left. 

3. Wallet

A nice leather wallet makes a gift that’s both practical and thoughtful. Every time he reaches for it, he’ll think of your love.

Make it extra special by personalizing it just for him. Get his initials or name engraved, turning it into a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake he’ll treasure.

4. Ruby-studded Cufflinks

Imagine his smile when he unwraps your gift. A pair of beautiful cufflinks glittering with rich red rubies will remind your husband how precious he is to you. 

Each cufflink celebrates the love and passion that has sustained your relationship for 40 years on your ruby wedding anniversaries.

5. Wine Box

A wine box can make a really nice gift. It shows that you’re thinking about good times shared together. 

Look for a wooden wine box you can add your names and anniversary date to. Best of all, fill it with your husband’s favorite wine! It could be that special bottle the two of you enjoyed on your honeymoon or the wine from another special occasion. 

6. Customized Distressed Journal

A journal just for your husband with his name in it could be really special. It gives him a place to write down special moments of life, his thoughts, and whatever’s on his mind. The journal can become his private space to reflect on life.

You can customize it with his name or initials. That little custom touch will make it really unique, just for him.

7. Whiskey Decanter Set

A whiskey decanter set is a great gift for someone who likes to unwind with a glass after a long day. The decanter makes pouring a drink feel fancy and classy. It adds a little something special to his nightly “me time” ritual.

The decanter will make every pour feel a bit more luxurious. It’s also a nice decoration to have out on the home bar.

8. 40th Wedding Anniversary Sundial

A sundial makes a perfect gift to celebrate 40 wonderful years together. It’s a sweet reminder to make every moment count.

As the sun shines throughout the day, the shadow the sundial’s needle casts changes and moves across the dial, showing the time has passed. But more than that, each new hour brings a different pattern of light and shadow, a beautiful and unique design that alters with the sun.

It’s a symbol of the changing seasons of your marriage, the passing years you’ve spent side by side. But it also reminds you to treasure each day and every minute you share. 

9. Wooden Key Rack

A lovely wooden key rack is a thoughtful gift for your husband. You can make it extra special by engraving a personal message. Hang it next to the door where he can see your loving message every time he leaves the house.

Choose one that’s made from high-quality solid wood and finished with a protective coat. The craftsmanship and materials should be top notch to make it an elegant addition to any entryway.

40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

If you are looking for some 40 years marriage anniversary gifts for your wife, check this section for 9 wonderful items. 

40th wedding anniversary traditional gift
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1. A Rose Gold Ruby Anniversary Ring 

A rose gold ring with ruby accents is the perfect gift to celebrate your lasting love. It could be an excellent 40th wedding anniversary traditional gift.

The rose gold band shimmers with warmth and richness. The ruby gemstones set within add just the right touch of color and charm. Together, they form a ring that sparkles with beauty and quality.

Slip this ring onto her finger and let it serve as a reminder of your deep feelings for her. 

2. Bouquet 

Over 40 vivid red roses arranged in a classic Parisian hat box could be a showstopper. The roses symbolize your long-standing love, and the beautiful box ties in the romance and elegance of your special day. It’s one of the most romantic 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

You can customize every detail, from the color and material of the box to the flowers and arrangement style, to make it truly one-of-a-kind. Choose her favorite shades and types of blooms for an extra personal touch.

3. Custom Musical Wall Art Sheet

A custom musical wall artwork will be the perfect sentimental gift for your 40th anniversary. 

You can choose any song that holds special memories. It could be the tune that was playing the first time you slow danced, or the song that was playing when you first said “I love you.” 

Have the notes etched onto a wood or metal plaque as a timeless reminder of those sweet memories. 

4. Solitaire Stud Earrings

Simple yet timeless, stud earrings are a classic choice for any woman, any age. The single gem set in precious metal speaks of understated beauty.

The solitary stone sparkles with meaning. It represents your one true love for her. And though stud earrings are simple, choosing the right gem and metal makes them special.

5. Anniversary Milestone Tree

An anniversary milestone tree speaks what words cannot; of a love that has grown over decades into something profound and resilient. The branches mirror the way your lives have grown more intertwined with each passing year.

Display this piece somewhere so you both see it each day. Let it remind you of the strong roots you’ve built and how your love continues to blossom. Even after 40 years, new growth is still possible.

6. A Gourmet Chocolate Box

A box of beautiful, gourmet chocolates makes the sweetest 40th wedding anniversary gifts. Choose her favorite flavors and include a special message or quote that has meaning for the two of you.

It could be the date you first met, an inside joke, or just a simple “I love you.” Her favorite part will be savoring each chocolate and discovering the thoughtful details you chose just for her.

7. Romantic Getaway

After four decades of building a life and making memories together, a trip just for the two of you will create new moments and deepen your bond.

Choose a destination that matches your shared interests. It could be an activity you both love like hiking, a beach vacation, or city break full of culture and cuisine. 

Pack light and leave the commitments at home. Make this trip all about cherishing each other’s company.

8. Engraved Wine Glasses

Toast with a 40 year wedding anniversary gift! Engrave the glasses with both of your names and wedding date. This little touch will make them a thoughtful and sentimental gift.

Choose a quality stemless design for easy holding and cleaning. The engraving will add just the right amount of elegance without being too flashy.

9. A Photo Album

After 40 amazing years together, you’ve made a lifetime of precious memories. And a personalized photo album could make one of the most heartfelt 40th wedding anniversary gifts.

You can include pictures from the early days of your relationship right up to the present. Add in candid snapshots that capture your sense of humor, hobbies, and love for each other. Don’t forget to include any grandchildren, they’re a big part of the love story too.


After 40 years together, you’ve hit a major milestone worth celebrating! There are so many ways to find the perfect 40th wedding anniversary gifts.

Traditional options like jewelry can make for a classic, elegant choice. But more personalized gifts really show how well you know each other. The possibilities are endless! Choose something that reflects your unique love story.

Megan Barber
Megan Barber
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